Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dead To You by Lisa McMann

Ethan was abducted when he was seven years old. He was playing with chalk on the sidewalk with his younger brother Blake when the car came. Now, he is sixteen years old and finally back to his family. He was with a woman he called Eleanor for several years. She then dropped him off at a group home, where he stayed for a while. Then he ran away and lived off of the streets. He decided he must have belonged to someone, so he combs the missing children files at the local library. He is stunned when he sees his face staring back at him.

His parents are overjoyed to have him back home. He now has a little sister, Gracie, who he calls his replacement but he really likes her. His brother Blake, though, has anger issues and doesn't hesitate in offering his distasteful opinions. He just wishes he could remember them or anything from his past.

Ethan struggles to find his place but he enjoys spending time with his best friend from childhood, Cami. She's beautiful and she listens to him. But things are getting out of hand at home and he thinks maybe he should just leave. He wishes he could remember. He craves the love and family, but at what cost?

Dead To You is a compelling story that lifts the reader from the first page and carries you through-out Ethan's tumultuous journey of self-discovery. Dead To You will have the reader sympathizing for Ethan and his family. McMann does a superb job keeping the plot moving at a swift pace, twisting and turning deftly, until you're gasping for more!

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