Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Force of Habit: Sister Madeleine Investigates by Cash Peters

Sister Madeleine is a cloistered nun with a grim secret. A secret she's kept hidden for too long.

When, after four decades of seclusion deep in the English countryside, news reaches St. Winifred's that some old friends have started dying in odd and mysterious ways, it becomes clear that storm clouds are gathering once more, leaving her with no choice: she must abandon the security of the convent with its strange, backward ways, and re-enter the modern world, a world she barely understands any more, to pursue the killer.

Sister Madeleine is a unique character and one I immensly enjoyed getting to know.  Leaving behind a lucrative position with a government agency, she becomes a nun.  But when some of her old fellow employees start coming up dead, she decides to investigate on her own.  It's a perfect time for her to claim an inheritance left to her, but after four years in the convent, entering the 'real'world is a confusing experience for Madeleine.  If you enjoy a page-turning cozy mystery, then you'll want to give Force of Habit a try.  Great characters, a twisted plot, entertaining situations and really good writing, I can't wait for book two!

ABOUT THE AUTHORCash Peters is an award-winning British author and former journalist. 
His live weekly radio broadcast on the BBC ended recently after almost fifteen years. For a long time he was also a prominent contributor each week to Marketplace, the national business show on NPR.

Stranded with Cash Peters, a 32-part adventure series made by the Travel Channel, has been shown all over the world, and is rerun regularly on Sky's Discovery/Travel Channel in the UK.
He is the author of nine books, including three on handwriting analysis, a couple of travel books, and a mystery novel - Force of Habit: Sister Madeleine Investigates - due out later this year.
What most people don't know is that he is one of the world's most gifted and insightful handwriting analysts. His abilities, which are entirely natural, give him insights into people, their insecurities and motivations, that are truly breathtaking. He once consulted to the Smithsonian Institution, and has appeared on many TV shows, including The View and Entertainment Tonight. 

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