Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hellsbane by Paige Cuccero

Emma Jane has the unique gift of sensing and feeling emotions. After her grandmother died, she inherited her house and from there, she's set up a home-based business of telling customers of what they want to hear. By feeling their emotions, she can get a sense of what is troubling them or what they desire.

When an old high school chum, Tommy James, comes knocking on her door she is a little confused. They were never friends in high school. He was the football quarterback and she wasn't exactly Ms. Popularity. When he comes in with a gruesome wound caring a bloody knife, she is a little concerned. When a demon enters her home though and she uses Tommy's knife to lop off its head, her concern rises to a whole new level.

By using the knife, it's marked her. Tommy fills in the blanks for her; she's an illorum, half angel and half human. She's been Chosen and with that responsibility comes a few new gifts; the ability to heal and move faster, fight, read emotions and sense the Fallen. She's joined in a new battle of good vs. evil. She's learning fast but the demons aren't ready for Emma Jane and her feistiness... or are they?

Hellsbane is a thoroughly entertaining paranormal romp from start to finish. Emma Jane is a fresh new heroine with wit, stubbornness and determined to survive. Tommy is the perfect partner for her and Eli, an angel, an unsuspecting mentor, gives Emma just the push she needs to survive in a whole new world. Action-packed and seamless writing, paranormal fans won't want to miss this one!

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