Friday, February 24, 2012

Nameless by Kyle Chais

The Nameless are the angels who have fallen and live in the nameless realm, waiting for inescapable death. One such angel has been watching the humans in New York. It passes the time, but at times, it is quite boring. Over the years, the humans do not deviate much in their desires and their goals. However, one individual has captured the Nameless' attention.

Aurick Pantera lives in a rundown apartment, doesn't take care of himself, is a drunk and over his head in gambling debt. To top it off, he has cancer. When someone sends a gang of thugs to retrieve the money owed to him from Aurick, the Nameless steps in and saves Aurick from being murdered.
Nameless can't resist taking over Aurick's body. He just wants to feel again and believes that only twenty-four hours wouldn't hurt anyone. However, his twenty-four hours turns into a few days and that into years. During that time, Aurick is high on the senses of feeling, tasting, hearing and touch. He cleans up Aurick's body, his bank account and his life. He becomes a rock star and a psychiatrist. One of his patients, a journalist by the name of Helena Way, has captured his attention.
But then the real Aurick starts clamoring for control of his own body. The Nameless can't possess it forever without consequence. The other Nameless desire what he has - to feel again. They are ready to rise up and go to war rather than stay in their quiet nameless existence. But at what cost?
THE NAMELESS is a fantastic debut, unlike any other angel novel I have ever read. Chais does an impeccable job of character creation and bringing the struggles of one's desires and inner turmoil to the surface and what consequences those choices have. A riveting tale that held me in its clutches from page one - a well-recommended read!

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  1. Normally I skip reviews that feature books about fallen angels as the few books I've read dealing with fallen angels have been bad. But the cover caught my attention, and your review has convinced me that I may have been too hasty. I'm going to have to give this one a try!


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