Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Starters by Lissa Price

When the Spore Wars came, only the elderly and the children under eighteen were vaccinated. Everyone else died. Now, the kids are known as Starters and the seniors known as Elders. The children, most who lost their parents to the vicious disease, either were on their own or their grandparents took custody. Those not so lucky were put in institutions. One of the laws in this 'new world' is that no one under eighteen is allowed to work. This leaves the money and jobs for the Elders but those kids on their own struggle to survive.

Callie is sixteen years old and trying to take care of her seven year old brother Tyler, who has a health condition. A friend of hers, Michael, helps Callie find food and safety for her and Tyler but Callie knows it's only temporary. They need something more stable. When she hears about Prime Destinations, she knows it sounds too good to be true, but knows she has nothing to lose by checking them out.

Prime Destinations is a body rental company. They 'hire' beautiful teenagers and with a small chip in their brain, they can hook them up to a renter, usually a wealthy Elder. The Elder's body is sleeping while they take control of the rental with their mind. The teen's mind is blank and they don't remember anything. The Elder can then relive their younger years and take risks that they are unable to take now at their age. The money sounds too good to be true to Callie. It's enough to buy her and Tyler a house. All she has to do is complete three successful rentals.

The first few times she does ok, but then she is informed that someone wants to rent her for a month. She agrees but only after she can see Tyler and make sure he is ok first. Just days after the beginning of her rental, she wakes up in a club. Something is malfunctioning and she isn't sure what. But when her renter begins to talk to her in her mind, Callie freaks out. She doesn't want to lose the opportunity to get paid. Then her renter explains to Callie that if she doesn't do something, the whole younger generation will be wiped out. Callie isn't sure what to believe but she knows that she needs to find safe haven for her and Tyler. Then she meets Blake, a cute boy who makes her heart beat faster and it's his grandfather who is behind the conspiracy her rental says it about to commence. Can Callie separate truth from fiction and survive to take care of Tyler?

Starters is a phenomenal read; I couldn't put it down! The concept is so far-fetched and yet it works rather well in the world that is elaborately and beautifully built through the readers mind. Romance, mystery, sharp character development, fast-paced and fabulous, I highly recommend Starters! I can't wait to read the next in the series, Enders, coming out this winter.

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