Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unwanted by Kristina Olhsson

Sara Sebastiansson steps off to make a phone call during a train delay to let her male friend know she and her young daughter, Lilian, would be a little late. When she hangs up, she realizes that the train is pulling away without her, with Lilian still on the train. By the time she catches a taxi and meets the train in the next city, Lilian is gone. The police are immediately called and a search immediately commences.

Alex Recht is the lead detective on the case and he has investigated alot of missing children cases over the years. He immediately begins looking into Sara's life and believes her estranged husband Grant could be behind Lilian's disappearance, but he and his team are having no luck finding Grant.

When Lilian is found dead in an ambulance bay at a hospital, Alex kicks up his search for Grant. His detectives, Fredrika and Peder, are both intelligent and leap deeper into the investigation. Fredrika wants to find out who the young woman was who asked Sara for help with her dog after her phone call at the train station, believing she either saw something or was involved. Peder delves deeply into Grant's life, trying to figure out where he could be hiding.

Meanwhile, a baby is taken out of it's pram at it's home and hours later found dead in the bathroom of another home. Now, the team realizes they may have been looking at the investigation all wrong and valiantly try to piece the evidence and clues they have together and find out who the killer is and why he is writing "Unwanted" on the children's foreheads after he kills them.

Unwanted is a phenomenal detective novel set in Sweden with complex and riveting characters and twisted and chilling plot. Unwanted is a page-turner that will keep readers up well past midnight. I can't wait to see what Kristina has in store for her readers next.

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