Monday, March 26, 2012

Henry Wood Detective Agency by Brian D. Meeks

Henry Wood is a 50's PI.  When a gorgeous dame walks in and asks him to look for her missing father, he can't say no.  Thus begins a dangerous and mysterious journey to find out what happened to the accountant.

This is a new twist on an old favorite.  Henry is a 'Sam Slade' gumshoe with a few peculiarities.  The biggest one is that he has a portal in his closet that sends him gifts from the future.  He has to be the only man in his time that owns a DVD player. 

The mystery was a blast to figure out as well.  Just when you think you know what the mystery is, you find out you're wrong.  The clues are so obscure that I couldn't figure them out, yet it was fun watching Henry do so. 

Complete with the five families and war between the mafia and the coppers, this is a must read for  mystery fans out there.  It fits into it's genre perfectly while adding something new for readers. 

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