Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Hate You, Kelly Donahue by Mark Svartz

As a little kid, a boy would pinch the girl he liked. As grown-up, 
Mark Svartz plans her ultimate demise through a number of twisted 
murder plots that involve lead pipes, escape routes, and David 
Hasselhoff. Some guys never grow up.

Is it a diary of a mad man? Or a man madly in love? Who cares? It's
seriously messed up. And seriously funny.

I Hate You, Kelly Donahue is written in a journal format.  Mark talks about all of the ways he wants to kill Kelly Donahue, a co-worker.  From a fight to the death to leaving her cupcakes so she dies from obesity, Mark is obsessed with getting rid of her.  He draws diagrams of how the fight will go down, and is gleeful with his inventive ideas.  When Kelly asks him out on a date, he is shocked. Does he go and consort with the enemy or does he turn her down? If he turns her down, she might be onto him.  If he goes, he can turn it into his direction, plotting with the whole family involved.  Hilarious!  With great illustrations, ticket stubs, to-do lists and the roller coaster of one man's search for love and the demise of Kelly Donahue, this journal like book is full of laughter and imagination!

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