Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pay Dirt by Paul Levine

Bobby Gallagher has it all.  A great job, a wonderful wife and a super kid.  However, he has his priorities all wrong and invests most of his time at his job as the lawyer for the Dallas Mustangs.  When he crosses his father-in-law, the owner of said football team, Bobby finds himself unemployed.  Worse, he finds himself divorced and broke.

He finds a job as a part-time chauffeur and bookie and vows to get it all back - including wife and son.  But to do so, he concocts a scheme to fix the Superbowl so that a series of bad bets will turn in his favor. He'll need the help of his son and have to dodge the bad guys, but it's all in a days work. 

 A man who redefines himself and his values, a hilarious caper and a family who needs one another, Pay Dirt is a rip-roaring good time read! I highly recommend it!!

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  1. LOL This book sounds fun. I'd say there are a few lessons learned in this story...many were probably painful. ha.

    Thanks for the great review!


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