Friday, March 9, 2012

Slide by Jill Hathaway

Sylvia "Vee" Bell has narcolepsy, or so the doctors say.  She zones out and just slides into another person's mind, seeing what they see.  Sometimes it's very creepy, but sometimes it works to her advantage. When she passes out and sees her sister's best friend laying in a pool of blood, Vee wonders what she brushed up against to make her slide.  She has to touch something that has left an imprint to slide into that particular persons mind.  So when she sees her hand holding a knife over Sophie's body, she knows she's in the body of a  murderer.

When she wakes up, she looks around but can't figure out who she could have slid into.  When her best friend Rollins begins acting weird around her, she doesn't know what to think.  The new boy in town, Zane, keeps her attention though and she really enjoys his company, but she doesn't want to lose her friendship with Rollins.  But when another of her sister's friends is found dead in the football field, Vee is adamanant that it's too much coincidence for two cheerleaders to commit suicide and steps up her feelings that Sophie was murdered.  But who will she slide into next that will give her that important clue?

Hathaway lures readers into the web she spins with her storytelling, captivating them from the very first page and leaves them totally satisfied.  From the depth of her characterization to the tight plotting, readers will be enthralled with this suspenseful and page-turning read!

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