Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Green Memory of Fear by B.A. Chepaitis


On Prison Planetoid three, Jaguar Addams uses her empathic gifts to make criminals face the fears that drive their heinous acts. Very few escape the telepathic web she weaves around them. . . .until now.

When Jaguar takes on a home planet assignment, investigating a psychiatrist on trial for abuse of a little boy, she finds a killer unlike any she's faced before. Dr. Senci's psi skills are a match for her own, and unless she consents to do as he wants, he'll use them to kill everyone she loves. Once she realizes who and what he really is, she leaves the Planetoid to go after him. But Supervisor Alex Dzarny isn't about to let her go it alone, even if it means losing his own life to save hers.


Another great installment in the Jaguar Addams series! Not only is Jaguar on another deadly mission, but this time, Alex is out to protect her.  Even though Jaguar usually keeps the romance on the down low, there are a few swoon moments in this installment.  Chepaitis's dialogue with her characters is crisp, clever and really tugs on the readers emotions.  I was elated, had chills running up my arms as well as felt some joy.   Jaguar would rather kill herself than let Alex die, but he would do the same for her.  With a psycho on the loose, all bets are off.  Can't wait for the next one, A Lunatic Fear! If you like science fiction urban fantasy - definitely pick this series up!!

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  1. Barbara Chepaitis does indeed write wonderful dialogue -- it was a real pleasure narrating the audio book of the first in this series, FEAR PRINCIPLE. Jaguar is a complex 3D character and when you get into her head, it's easy to relate to her and become part of a world that doesn't seem then like it's such a far out fantasy. Love her relationship with Alex and how it's developed over this compelling series.


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