Thursday, May 17, 2012

666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce

Jane Boyle is an architect in France who bumps into Malcolm Doran, an American, after a society event. He immediately sweeps her off of her feet, and she can't believe how lucky she is. When he proposes, she accepts and decides to quit her job in France and get a new one in America. But first, she has to take Malcolm to meet her grandmother, a woman she herself hasn't visited in six years. Her grandmother raised her and she was very strict. Jane had a tendency to cause electronics to fizz out, and it seemed like there were always thunderclouds hovering above when she was in trouble.

Unfortunately, they find that her grandmother has passed away, and is still sitting in her rocker. But Jane finds a note, addressed to her, and a silver ring. She learns that she is a witch, and that others will try to kill her for her powers. Not wanting to share this delicate bit of information with Malcolm, she tucks the knowledge away and goes on with her plans. Welcomed with open arms by Malcolm's family, Jane still can't believe her luck.

When Malcolm's mother, Lynne, seems to take control over the wedding details, Jane decides to pick and choose her battles. However, when she has trouble getting a job and doing what she wants, she knows that she and Lynne don't have the same ideas about things. But Jane tries to make the best of things. Then, Malcolm always seems to be travelling abroad and leaving her alone. When Jane begins to learn how to use her powers, people she cares about get hurt. Will she be able to have her love and her powers too, or will those who want her powers succeed, which means her death?

666 PARK AVENUE is a page-turning read filled with romance, suspense and magic. Jane is a superb character, always wanting to please everyone but also wanting to be happy. She has a good sense of what is right and wrong and does her best to do the right thing, even at her own expense. With a sense of good versus evil, high society parties and the ending leaving the reader waiting for the next installment, DARK GLAMOUR, Gabriella Pierce's debut is a must-read!!

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