Sunday, May 13, 2012

All Sons and Daughters Season One CD Review

All Sons and Daughters is comprised of the christian duo David Leonard and Leslie Jordan. They met in 2009 at Journey Church in Tennessee and shortly after started leading and writing songs for their church. Their songs caught the attention of someone in the congregation with ties to Integrity Music and in Oct. 2010 they signed an exclusive contract as All Sons and Daughters with Integrity Music.

This CD "All Sons and Daughters Season One" has 15 tracks and a bonus DVD with performance videos and song stories. I thought the music was very moving and powerful, yet peaceful and touching at the same time. The lyrics are beautiful, well written, and very meaningful. The songs not only make you crave that relationship with God but they also sound amazing.

Their voices perfectly compliment each other in a way that just really touches you. I think my favorite track was Reason To Sing, it was also included on the DVD performances. The DVD not only let us see some of the songs performed but also gave some insight to how the songs came about and the emotions and intentions behind them. I had never heard All Sons and Daughters before but after listening to the CD and watching the videos I became an instant lifelong fan.

This duo both have some of the most beautiful singing voices I have heard in quite some time and when put together it is just phenomenal. If you love christian music with meaningful lyrics, then definitely give All Sons and Daughters a listen.

*I received a complimentary cd in exchange for an honest review.  April

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