Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dark Glamour by Gabriella Pierce

Jane Boyle has been in hiding ever since the day she married Malcolm Doran and realized her mother-in-law wanted to kill them. Jane is a witch and so is Lynne Doran, her mother-in-law. Lynne wants Jane to get pregnant and give her first born daughter to her.Only a daughter can carry the power of a witch and Jane and Lynne are both powerful witches.

Jane struggles for a while trying to stay hidden but then realizes that Malcolm had left her a key to a safety deposit box.
After visiting the bank, Jane realizes she has an endless cash flow and a glass unicorn, which Malcolm cherished.Using her powers on the unicorn, Jane gets a glimpse of a woman presumed dead, Malcolm’s sister Annette.

Deciding that
by finding Annette and re-uniting her with her family, Lynne may very well let Jane off the hook. Then she can stop hiding and go back to living again.With some help from her friends, Jane casts a powerful glamour spell, changing her appearance for twenty-eight days. That is the amount of time she gives herself to get into the Doran household to find something of Annette’s that she can use to cast another finding spell, find Annette and return her to her family before the glamour wears off. She doesn’t count on a handsome Romanian, Andre’, who juggles up her plans just a bit with his desire for her.

THE DARK GLAMOUR is an entertaining romp that begins right where 666 PARK AVENUE left off.Jane is determined to break away from the mother-in-law from hell and get on with her life. She’s been training, building up her newfound witch powers but knows she isn’t strong enough to beat her, so she’ll have to come up with an alternate plan. With some spicy love scenes, magic-filled action and great characters, THE DARK GLAMOUR is a wonderful read!

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