Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just For Men AutoStop Review & Giveaway

Just For Men...something I heard about in my teen years and thought my dad needed it.  ha! Now, it's my darling husband whom's hairline is receding, but his hair has gradually been peppered with grey in the last year.  When he saw grey in his mustache, he shaved it off.  He isn't so quick to do that with his hair though, so I'm thankful to have found Just for Men.

With Just For Men AutoStop, there's no guesswork.  I was worried that it would be like me dying my hair, several bottles, the air filled with the smell of ammonia and an hour of my life gone.  My husband isn't one to sit still for long, so I was excited about this being a quick process.

The applicator teeth screws onto the tube, so there is no muss and no fuss.  Gradually, I combed it into my husband's hair while keeping a firm grip on the tube so it would be even.  We waited ten minutes and rinsed it out.  The grey was gone and his color was even.  It's amazing that the dye knows when to stop!!  Although he was skeptical at first (he thought dying his hair wasn't very manly), he's now in love with the product. He feels younger and it really looks like it took five years off his life!! I told him ten, but we'll keep that a secret.

Just for Men AutoStop comes in five different shades, so it's pretty easy to figure out which one suits you best.  I highly recommend this product!

A few lucky readers will win their own Just For Men AutoStop. 
One winner per box.  Light Brown, Jet Black and Medium Brown

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*I received a complimentary box of Just for Men AutoStop in exchange for an honest review.

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