Monday, May 28, 2012

The Mongoliad: Book One (The Foreworld Saga) by Greg Bear, Neal Stephenson, Mark Teppo and Erik Bear

This May, from the minds of Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear comes The Mongoliad Trilogy, the first installment in the Foreworld Saga, a collaborative series unlike any other that will enthrall fans of fantasy, martial arts, and historical fiction. More than just a story, The Mongoliad is an sweeping narrative firmly rooted in history, taking readers back to a time when Europeans thought that the Mongol Horde was about to destroy their world—and it was up to the exploits of one small band of mystics and warriors to turn the tide of history. Full of high adventure, unforgettable characters, and unflinching battle scenes, The Mongoliad ignites a dangerous quest where willpower and blades are tested and the scope of world-building is redefined.

Don't pick this book up in hopes of some light summer reading.  This book will transfer you to another world where treachery and violence are every day life.  It's a world full of darkness and miracles and you just get sucked right in.  From the very beginning the characters are important to you.  I wouldn't say they're dear or friendlike, but you know that each has an important place in the story and you care about what's going to happen to them.  I read page after page, fascinated by each picture that was painted in my head and held captive by the beautifullly worded phrases.  As far as in depth novels go, this has to be one of my favorites.  Reading this was kind of like watching a dark version of Mulan and Excalibur.  Never has history been so alive to me.  I think I may have actually learned quite a lot from this book.  Honestly, the extent of my knowledge of Genghis Khan came from Night at the Museum.  Now he's a very real monstrous person.

I definitely agree about this being an epic adventure.  Those who are faint, may not want to read every word as some of the scenes are quite graphic.  Remember, this is a violent era in a violent country where people will do whatever they have to in order to survive.  Just be prepared to be shocked.  As the characters break up into different groups, I found myself wrapped up in what one group was doing while waiting anxiously to find out what was going on with the others.  As far as the end of the book...well I can't tell you anything because there's nothing to tell except that now I'm left anxiously waiting to find out what happens to them all.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Shawn

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