Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Untimely Love by Tendai Huchu

From Amazon - Love can find us in the most unusual of circumstances. This is what happens to Khalid Patel, a terrorist, when he falls in love with Smokey, a feisty and independent young woman who was to be Britain's first female suicide bomber. On what is meant to be his day of martyrdom, his violent worldview is thrown into turmoil. We share his thoughts as Death and Duty become irrevocably and movingly entwined with Love and Life.

This book isn’t something I would usually pick up, but I read the summary and decided to give it a chance. Let me just say, I’m glad I did. Before reading this book, I couldn’t understand why someone would become a suicide bomber. While I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the motivations of a suicide bomber, this book definitely gave me some insight.

When I went into this book, I expected to hate Khalid, the main character. Instead, I really liked him. He certainly wasn’t your typical protagonist. Smokey, on the other hand, I couldn’t stand. Her reason for becoming a suicide bomber was incredibly stupid.

The best thing about this novel for me was how exciting it was. It seemed like there was action on every page. There was never a boring moment. My only issue with this book was the romance. I wish the author had developed it a bit more. Other than that, I enjoyed this book quite a bit.  

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  Abbey

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