Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White Lines II, Sunny by Tracy Brown

Jada has had a difficult life. When she was young, her father left and her mother despaired. She was weak and because of that, her abusive boyfriends took out their anger and frustration on Jada and her little sister. As Jada got older, she turned to something that would help her forget her ugly life - drugs. When that didn't completely work, she also prostituted herself.

Jada wants to be something better though
, so she cleans herself up. She's finally putting her life back together when she meets Born. He's seductive, sexy and sells what she used to be addicted to. Jada thinks that they can have a life together, but she's so messed up that she doesn't realize that Born has his own problems. With them, he doesn't have time to help Jada with hers. Will she succumb to his charms and what he's dealing, or will she be strong enough to pick and choose?

WHITE LINES II: SUNNY is a drama-filled, street scene thriller that will keep you motivated to turn the pages, hating to put the book down. Jada has such a heartbreaking life, you really hope for her to make something of her life and to find true love. Born has his own issues
, and watching to see if the two can work things out or if they are too different will keep you entranced. A great beach read this summer!

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