Friday, June 1, 2012

The 7% Solution by John H. Graves

You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement!

For the millions of Americans wondering how to get to and through retirement comfortably, The 7% Solution will provide the guidance to achieve your retirement goals with confidence.
Drawing on his 30-years of successful retirement planning, financial expert, John Graves, will show you how to:
• Take Control of your Financial Future
• Save Thousands in Fees that Bleed Your Retirement Nest Egg
• Catch Up to Where you Need to Be to Retire Well
• Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement

Retirement - something I always thought of as my goal as I've worked over the years. With the economy such crap the last few years, I figure retirement is just a dream.  I'll be one of those elderly still working to compensate with my social security check.   The last few years, my husband and I have really thought hard about retirement - it really isn't as far away as we thought twenty years ago.  Still, we have several years of work left, and with The 7% Solution, there may still be a way we can retire.

Graves offers an easy to read book that has several strategies and advice on how to handle your finances to prepare for a more comfortable retirement.  Where most investors can boggle your mind with their technical advice, Graves puts it in layman terms that are easy to understand.  From stocks, real estate, annuities, bonds and more Graves guides you to lay out your own investment - retirement portfolio. You'll definitely feel smarter and more informed to make serious decisions.  Highly recommend for anyone wanting advice to planning their future.

From the Author:

Our parents taught us to live within our means during the fifties. We carry this lesson through life: wise habits of saving, debt management, tithing and frugality. These are our foundation for a comfortable retirement lifestyle. We can manage our retirement portfolio, on our own, with these precepts in mind. Look for companies with strong ‘free cash flow, low debt, capital commitments to their future and in support of their suppliers, customers and communities. These firms also pay good dividends. As shareholders, we want to enjoy these dividends. We also look to own bonds from firms with good debt management. A wise combination of income from these sources, as well as others, can earn us as much as 7% during retirement. You manage the portfolio to your income needs. You CAN do this yourself, or working with an advisor who listens to you. The good steward of his resources plants and harvests in tune with his season.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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