Monday, June 25, 2012

Change Your Life, Not Your Wife by Tony Ferretti, PH.D. and Peter J. Weiss, M.D.

From Amazon - Are you winning at work, but failing at home? You can still save your marriage before it’s too late! Divorce is everywhere; especially among high-achieving and success-driven people, who sometimes leave a trail of broken relationships in their wake. In Change Your life Not Your wife, psychologist Dr. Tony Ferretti and physician Dr. Peter Weiss demystify why the same character traits that drive career success can also destroy families. 

Years ago, it was scoffed to get divorced.  Now, it doesn't bother most folks and although I don't have the statistics, I know a lot of children nowadays have divorced parents.   This book is full of examples of many couples in different walks of life, Drs. Ferretti and Weiss offers tools and how it's possible to have a successful marriage and still have a successful career.

Marriage isn't easy.  I know my husband and I have struggled over the years.  We've been married seventeen years and it's not always the job that causes the struggle in our relationship.  I am, however, career driven, and he is not.  I try not to bring my job home, but sometimes, it does crossover.  There's a point where it's OK to talk about it, but too much, is well, too much.  Do you have to work a lot? Put your job first? Again, at what cost? 

How about the kids? We struggled when they were little, but now as teenagers, we struggle once again.  But through-out all of the struggles, we realize that if we do it together, work through it together, then we will be successful.  This book outlines the perils of being achievement oriented and power oriented with your intimate relationship and how to improve your relationship.  Although I've learned a lot of it through trial and error over the years, this book would have surely come in handy years ago and still offers some insight that my husband and I are going to work on.

Not just for men to read, it will benefit women as well.  They've obviously done their research.  Easy to read and though-provoking, Change Your Life, Not Your Wife is an asset to any marriage or relationship.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. even if this change is for good I'm sorry about the breakup. People change with years and we have crazier life path than our parents and grandparents. I believe in a few lovestories in one's life.


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