Friday, June 15, 2012

Jane Goes Batty by Michael Thomas Ford

Jane Austen died several hundred years ago, but Jane Fairfax is living well today. A vampire, turned by her former lover, poet Lord Byron, she runs a bookstore and has just sold a novel under her new name. Her relationship with human Walter is still going well, even though Jane keeps wondering if and when she should let him know she is undead, but she figures it can wait a bit longer. 

She and Lord Byron 
seem to have put the past behind them, and he is slowly training Jane how to use her powers. She's a very slow learner but having just sold the movie rights to her new bestselling novel and getting a large advance on her next novel, Jane is suddenly famous again and suitably so. However, it isn't long before fans are camping on her doorstep, and cameramen and movie stars are all over town. Just when things can't seem to get any more chaotic, Walter drops the bomb that his mother is coming for a visit.

Then someone, a vampire, murders someone on the movie set,
 and Jane and Byron begin to suspect one another. Then to top it all off, Walter's mother is a devout Jew and she expects Jane to convert. Now, she is juggling the movie set, her editor, learning her new powers, trying to keep her identity a secret from Walter and his mom while still keeping her sanity. But will she be able to find out the identity of the vampire that is causing chaos before she has to reveal who she really is and kiss her newfound love, fame and fortune goodbye for good?

JANE GOES BATTY picks up right where the first novel, JANE BITES BACK, left off. Michael Thomas Ford has a masterful pen, creating sharp-witted characters within impossible, yet hilarious situations. Jane also knows that famed Charlotte Bronte really has it in for her, so she always has that at the back of her mind as she juggles her new chaotic life. This reviewer looks forward to the next installment, JANE VOWS VENGEANCE. A wonderful paranormal twist on the amazing Jane Austin novels. 

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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