Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forbidden by Abbie Williams

A chance encounter. An intense desire. And a forbidden love too strong to resist. 

At 20, Bryce Mitchell is no stranger to hardship, raised by an unloving mother with a terrible secret. But when she meets Matthew Sternhagen, it seems as though life may be offering her a second chance. She is inexplicably drawn to gorgeous, sensitive Matthew on the humid June night they meet. Despite the fact that they are total strangers, they come to realize one absolute truth: they are meant for one another. 

There is only one problem: Matthew is Bryce's half-uncle, a man her mother never told her about. Will the truth of their relationship be enough to stop their forbidden love? Or will long-buried secrets ruin their chances forever?

When Bryce and Matthew meet, sparks fly.  They are soul mates, or so they think.  But their joy after a wonderful night of passion is quashed when they find out that they are related.  Since Bryce's mother never kept in contact with her family, Bryce really didn't know anything about them, until her grandfather dies and she sees Matthew at the funeral.

Knowing that they are related, but possibly might not be in blood, stops them for a little while, the yearning eating them up.  However, it doesn't deter them and they resume their relationship, even knowing that they could be doing something sinfully wrong.  When the secrets of Michelle's (Bryce's mother) comes to light, will these two continue their forbidden love?

Although the writing is really good, I was deeply hooked in the story, the relationship between Bryce and Matthew seemed rushed.  I enjoyed the aspect of present and flashing back to the past in Michelle's life to make a bit of sense to this reader, even if the characters didn't know it yet.  I was a bit stunned when Bryce and Matthew continued their relationship, believing they were related.  Shocking to say the least, but enjoyed how Abbie showcased these two lovebirds.  All in all, a good read!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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