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The Line Between Here and Gone by Andrea Kane Giveaway + Q&A with Andrea!

Q: Is there a specific element in your writing that you find most challenging?

A: Descriptions.  I’m much more audial than visual, so I tend towards writing “she got dressed” rather than detailing her clothing.  Whereas dialog comes naturally to me, so I concentrate hard on being more descriptive.

2.      Q: Which author inspires you most?

A: It depends on when you catch me. There are so many talented authors, each mastering an element. I go back as far as Carolyn Keane, when I first started reading mystery novels as a kid.  I was a big mystery reader, so later it was Agatha Christie and on to Robert Ludlum.  Now I read all genres, and my most memorable ones are the ones that are character based.

3.      Q: What, do you feel, is your biggest success?

A: From a professional standpoint, hitting the NY Times Bestseller list and hearing from my readers about how I’ve impacted their lives. But on a personal note, being a mother is the most rewarding role I fill.

4.      Q: What are you in relation to your siblings? Are you the middle child? The baby of the family?

A: I’m the baby of the family.  Establishing my own identity was the challenging part, but being referred to as “baby” when you’re an adult has its perks!

5.      Q: Describe your latest book in 15 words or fewer.

A: A mother is desperately searching for the father of her newborn baby – hoping that he’s alive and is a donor match to save her critically ill son.

I reviewed The Line Between Here and Gone prior to it's release.  Here is my review:

Amanda Gleason is at her rope's end.  Her one-month old son, Justin, is fighting for his life.  He has a rare disease and he needs a bone marrow transplant.  Unfortunately for Amanda, her Hepatitis C prevents her from being a donor candidate.  What she needs is Justin's father, but he was murdered eight months ago.

On a rare break at the hospital, Amanda receives a text from a friend.  The text contains a picture that looks just like Paul, her old boyfriend who was killed.  Grasping at straws, Amanda immediately moves into action and goes to FI, Forensic Instincts.  There, she begs them to let her hire her.  They have a reputation of closing cold cases and getting results, where normal law enforcement can't go. 

After their initial coverage of the case, the team is sure that Paul is alive.  A no-body homicide with too many loose ends sets the team into deep investigation on many levels.  Not  only do they find out that Paul was involved with the mob, but it seems that leads take them straight to Washington.  Amanda's baby is running out of time, and her wealthy uncle, who is footing the medical bills, isn't looking too clean.

The team is has many talents, but will they find Paul before it's too late for Justin? Or will Amanda have to find another way to save her son if Paul is really dead?  As the secrets are revealed, the danger increases around Amanda and her infant son.  

THE LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE is a thrilling page-turner with a cast of unique and likable characters.  From the first page, I was praying for baby Justin and hoping that Forensic Instincts could pull off a miracle.  From the adrenaline pumping plot twists to the emotion packed hospital scenes, THE LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE is a clever and gut-wrenching thriller!

Other than his golden-brown hair color and small, pursed mouth – both of which he’d inherited from her – he was very much Paul’s son. And even at three weeks old, he was developing a personality – easygoing like Paul, inquisitive like her.

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