Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Pixitres by Basil Sprig

From Amazon - As the fairies of Camp Fae investigate the disappearance of one of Alley Willowwood’s closest friends, they discover that the entire magical world is on the brink of war. Someone is stirring up Pixies tribes not only against one another, but against the Fairies. Join Alley as she tries to find her friend and uncover the true villain behind it all in an adventure that takes her across several continents, deep under the sea, and to the other end of our solar system. Alley confronts kidnapping pixie tribes, dragons, a demonic beast from the underworld and more importantly her own fears as she tries to solve the mystery. Who are these mysterious new strangers that have appeared at Camp Fae and what are their intentions? Who has kidnapped her friend and why? And worst of all, what is she going to do now that she's inadvertently made an oath of allegiance to one of the pixie queens and quite possibly given her the ultimate magical weapon?

Alley is the child of a human and fairy, but has been raised by her human mother. When she turned thirteen, she received her fairy powers, even though her mom doesn't know anything about it.  Trying her wings one evening, she inadvertently caused a snowstorm and ended up waking up in the snow pixies village.  From there, the magic takes hold of the reader and pulls you along onto a magical journey of friendship, magic and mystery.

Filled with enchanting characters, from sea to land to magical kingdoms, I was transported with Alley and her friends in their quest.  This is volume two and I really wish I had volume one, as I feel I may have gotten more back story on Alley when she received her powers.  That said though, it reads like a standalone novel and one adventure I would recommend for young adults or adults.  

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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