Saturday, July 7, 2012

This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers

Sloane Price wants to die, but she can't find her sister Lily's pills. Frustrated, she goes to breakfast, knowing that her dad will make her pay if she is late. But something strange happens at breakfast. A woman screams for help, banging on the front door. Her father goes to help, but demands that Sloane sit still and eat her breakfast. Knowing the consequences if she disobeys, Sloane does just that. Until her dad screams at her to run. She can't help but look as the woman, covered in blood, breaks through their picture window and her dad murders her with the glass. Horrified, Sloane runs.

She's found by five other students and the six of them run for cover, for safety. Everyone around them is either being killed or infected, a zombie. They run to the high school and immediately cover up all of the windows and barricade the doors. Sloane is quiet and doesn't say much, but in her mind, she doesn't care if she dies. Her sister, Lily, ran away six months ago and didn't take her with her. She hopes she is ok and safe, but doesn't understand why she left her alone with their abusive father. 

The six teenagers try to get along to survive, but there is animosity. The twins, Grace and Trace, blame Cary for their 
parents' demise. They were all together when Cary said the alley was clear, but it wasn't. Carey says it wasn't his fault, but inside, he is ate up with guilt. Harrison cries all the time; he's just so scared. Rhyse tries to keep everyone alive, even though he isn't one to talk about his own fears and desires. Together, they must do what it takes to survive, even as the thudding of the doors increases; the zombies seeking an entrance.

Chilling, riveting and emotional, THIS IS NOT A TEST is not your average young adult paranormal. In fact, the zombies aren't the main attraction. Instead it is the characters trapped within the school. THIS IS NOT A TEST is the warning that is repeated over and over on the radio and telephone lines, which beseeches everyone to seek a safe haven and that help will come for them. But will it come in time? With a modern setting, diverse characters and seamless writing, THIS IS NOT A TEST will stay with you long after the last page. A highly recommended read this summer!!

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