Monday, July 2, 2012

Trouble in Paradise Book Tour! Interview & Giveaway!

     Hello Stephanie can you tell the readers a little more about you?  Where are you from?  Do you have any kids?

Hi Wendy!  I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee but I live in Atlanta Georgia currently.  I don’t have any kids, I am in a loving relationship, and I just turned 30 in January.

    Can you tell us a little bit more about Trouble In Paradise and how it came to be?

                Trouble In Paradise was first formed in my dreams.  I have vivid dreams and a big imagination.   When I mixed that with real life drama, you get Trouble In Paradise. (Smiles)  It took me about         nine months to write this novel and I started with pen and paper.  Then life got in the way I    slowed a bit, but the story kept developing in my mind almost like it was begging me to write it           down.  So I continued to write, and with motivation from family and friends I was blessed to get    it done.

What made you fall in love with writing? 

It’s funny you should ask that question because I’ve always been able to write.  I just didn’t realize it was what I was destined for until I had a sit down with myself one day.  I was trying to figure out what I loved doing with no problems or complaints because my 9 to 5 was not where I wanted to be.  Then a lightbulb went off, I knew it was writing and I have not stop writing since.

What do you think makes good writing?

Well a great story line of course.  That’s most important because without that no matter what you have to say you’ll lose the reader.

  How would you react to a bad review of your book?

As long as it wasn’t a personal attack and an honest review of what the reader thought and why they thought is wasn’t a good read I would take their opinion into consideration and see if I need to do anything different in the future.  Bad reviews are honest opinions on where an author needs to improve unless it’s a personal attack.  Some people don’t know how to leave quality reviews so the author can grow from them instead some attack the author which is not necessary.  I have seen it.

  Do you have any other books out or is Trouble In Paradise your first book?

Trouble In Paradise is my debut novel and the sequel “Vengeful Intentions” releases July 16, 2012 so I’m excited about that.

 Do you have any writing rituals?

No I don’t.  It is distracting to try and write when I don’t have complete silence, unless my mind is in overdrive and the story is pouring out, sometimes light jazz works just fine for writing time.

Are you reading any books now?

On my kindle to read shelf right now is Bound By Lies by Allison Essence and To Tears and a bucket by Traci Bee.

 What is the one thing about you that no one knows because no one ever asked?

I’ll inbox you.  LOL.

   Do you have any favorite authors or any favorite books?
                This list could get long so I’ll only name a few LOL.  I love Jackie Collins, the way she put her         characters together and the awesome action in her books are great.  Eric Jerome Dickey,      Gwynne Forester.  I recently read a book by Chanta Rand called Pharaoh’s Desire and it was the        bomb J.

 Did you self-publish or go with a traditional publisher?

Yes, I self-published my book with the help of One Tale Publishing.  They would be what they call a vanity publisher but the owner David Preston is basically a self-publishing coach.  We were able to get the job done in a good amount of time, with good teamwork we had no problems and anything I didn’t understand he was there to help.  Great publisher.

Thank you Wendy for taking the time to spotlight me and my talents as a new author!

Check out the current contest to win a copy of part II of Trouble In Paradise “Vengeful Intentions”

Trouble In Paradise

Victoria is thankful for a lot of things- Joshua, the love of her life, a career change that starts a new chapter, and a condo in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Her jaw drops when she opens the garage and finds a brand new Cadillac wrapped in a huge bow. She is ecstatic and ready for the next steps towards her future. This is Victoria’s fresh beginning.

When Victoria and Joshua start their journey things take a turn for the worse. Victoria finds out that her nemesis and Joshua’s ex, Danielle Shumaker has flown to Chicago to try to get Joshua back. Victoria is determined to win this fight, when she finds out Joshua has secrets of his own. Distraught, confused, and mad as hell she falls into the arms of another. When emotions run high and desire digs deep Victoria finds herself caught up in Trouble.

~Love Is A Drug Ink~ Amazon Prime Member’s read for free!


  1. Really enjoyed Stephanie's interview. Man, dreams and drama together should make a good novel. Good success to you.

    1. Thanks Tea! Dreams and Drama make a GREAT novel lol. Stop by my blog and follow me!

  2. Great interview Stephanie!!!!!!


  3. Thanks Ollie Moss! Nice of you to roll with me on my first virtual book tour! Love ya!

  4. I really enjoy the interview and great webpage!


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