Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Review & Gi veaway

Every time I'm at the grocery, I see other customers with boxed milk in their shopping carts.  I always wonder to myself if it tastes that good compared to regular dairy milk.  Are there really that many lactose intolerant people?

Then I decided to take the bull by the horns and try it myself.  I was delightfully surprised! I'm not lactose intolerant, and neither are any in my family.  However, this non-dairy beverage has a a great taste - made from almond milk!  Now, I've never had soy milk, so I can't compare it.  However, I am a  2% milk drinker and I have to say that I really love the taste of Almond Breeze.  I like the regular over my cereal and it was a bonus to find out that it has much lower calories than regular dairy milk.

I've also tried the Vanilla flavor but it was too sweet for my liking.  We have plans on purchasing the chocolate flavor next, I'd like to try and make some pudding for a chocolate silk pie with it.  I'm sure it will be wonderful, but we'll see! Now, my family likes the variety that Almond Breeze gives us and we know that it's a healthier alternative to dairy milk.  A definite new addition to my refrigerator!

One lucky reader is going to win a free product coupon for their own carton of Almond Breeze!

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*I received a sample of Almond Breeze in exchange for an honest review.

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