Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

Sydney is enjoying her newfound  dorm room at the Academy, a perk from finding the bad guys and saving the day in the first book of this new series, BLOODLINES. Angeline is a dhampir who has taken over as roommate to Jill, a princess-in-hiding for vampire political reasons. Things are going pretty well, the small motley group of vampires, dhampirs and Sydney finding genuine friendship in a situation that is usually awkward. 

The downfall for Sydney is the independent study she is doing for one particular teacher. The magical spells make her uneasy as she believes it is inhumane, but she struggles through it with distaste. She refuses to try any of the spells, much to her teacher's dismay. She's also watching the new relationship that Jill has made with a human. They seem to be getting really friendly, and Sydney knows the relationship can't go further than friendship. Jill's a vampire and he's human. That keeps her busy, but she's about to get even busier.

A barista, Brayden, is just like her in many ways. He uses logic for everything in his life and Sydney begins dating him. She's never dated anyone before, so she's enjoying the new social aspect of her life. Not to mention, she's been trying to help Adrian change his life. He's going to college and he's working with two others in trying to find a way for the Strigoi, very horrific vampires, to become Moroi again. The Moroi are vampires, but they are virtually harmless compared to the Strigoi. 

When a new group of people come to town,
their arrival threatens one of their own. Sydney tries to do her job to the best of her ability, but this time, it may not be enough. Not to mention, she may have to question all of her beliefs if she hopes to put a halt to the threat around them. Not to mention, she's having feelings for someone that is not her boyfriend, someone forbidden to her.

THE GOLDEN LILY, the second book in the BLOODLINE series, picks up where the first one left off. The characters develop a bit in this installment and the addition of a few new characters really enhances the storyline. I loved Adrian and his witty, sarcastic attitude, whichreally lightened up some tense situations. Sydney matures, as well as Jill, in this action-packed, thoroughly entertaining story with just the right amount of drama and taut scenarios to keep the reader guessing and riveted. I can't wait for the next book in this engaging paranormal adult series, THE INDIGO SPELL, coming out September 2013.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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