Monday, August 6, 2012

Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin


Annika is Na'Chi , a half-blood that is part human and part demon. She is unwanted by her father Savyr, the leader of the Na'Reish (the demons) and suffers daily at the hands of the  Na'Reish for being born of a human mother. Annika not only is beaten and humiliated all her life by her father and the full-blood demons but also despised by the humans for being part demon. She inherited her mother's gift of healing and dreams of escape to her mother's land and people " the lightblades".

Kalan Tayn is human, a Light Blade and enemy of the demons. When he is captured by demon scouts during a slave raid in the Outer Provinces he's locked away and Annika realizes this may be her only chance to escape. If she can just convince this human to trust her, there may be a way of escape for both of them. Because only under his protection and guardianship will she be allowed to enter Sacred Lake in the human territories and in return he can escape the Na'Reish and certain death. Kalan is repulsed by her half-blood status at first but agrees to help her for the sake of his own survival. Along their journey to the human city the learn to not only trust each other but begin to truly care for one another. The obstacles they encounter along the way is only the beginning. When they reach their destination they then have to deal with the more predjudice and hatred. Can Annika convince everyone she is nothing like her father and finally find peace or will she and Kalan be torn apart by other's hardened hearts?
Vengeance Born is not only about trust and love but also about hatred and predjudice. Annika has been through so much in her life, never really belonging anywhere yet she did not let it harden her heart. I really loved this story and and the characters.  I really felt Annika's pain while at the same time swooning after Kalan. This was a great fantasy romance novel with a couple pretty steamy love scenes in there too. Not to mention there's a second story plot that takes place during the story that adds a big surprise for Annika.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  April

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