Sunday, September 2, 2012

Combat – Source Kill Max Ant Bait and Gel Review & Giveaway!

It seems like with every spring throughout until fall, ants rain down on my parade.  Whether I'm in the house or outside, ants, ants, ants.  They can ruin a picnic or just be annoying little pests in your house. I seem to always have them in my bathroom and kitchen.  I clean well, but they are persistent little buggers.  

Thankfully, this fall, we've not had that problem thanks to Combat.  The Combat Source Kill Max kit kills the queen and the entire colony.  You just put the bait stations in different areas of your house that you're having pesky ants.  We put ours behind the toilet, in the cupboard beneath the vanity, in assorted kitchen cupboards and one on the floor between the stove and refrigerator.

The bait traps are child-resistant, long lasting and doesn't have an odor.  Then to make sure they don't come back, you can use Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel.  You just take the gel and put it where you suspect the ants are active and it will work for up to one month.  What's great about this product is that you can use it outside.  So if you have a patio or a deck that you use alot in the summer, use some of this fast-killing gel and your event should be ant free.

We are very happy with both of these products and I plan on starting early next year.  The first time I see an ant in the spring, I'm getting the Combat so I don't have to deal with them all year.  Highly recommend!

One lucky reader will win receive a box of Combat Ant Gel!

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  a Rafflecopter giveaway *Combat provided a free sample of their Ant Bait and Gel so I could review them. However, all opinions are my own.

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