Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mortal Fire by C.F. Dunn

From Amazon - When Emma D'Eresby - a 29 year-old, self-contained Professor of History - leaves her Cambridge college for a post in an exclusive university in Maine, USA, she hopes to learn more about a curious 17th-century journal in the College library. Instead, it leads her to a secret that should never have been uncovered. In the States, Emma meets the enigmatic 33-year-old surgeon, Matthew Lynes, a quiet and thoughtful widower. Driven to learn more about him, Emma takes the unique journal from the College library in which she believes there are clues to his family's English past. Meanwhile, the sinister Professor Kort Staahl mounts a psychotic attack on her. Matthew's courageous intervention saves her, but as he nurses her back to health, his unusual attributes raise questions he is unwilling to answer. As Part One ends, she returns to her claustrophobic family, avoiding her domineering father and wrestling with despair ...

The first in a new series, Mortal Fire captured my interest from the first page.  Just the mysterious and dark cover alone was enough to make me pick up this intriguing book.   The characters are solid, reserved and contemporary.  I really liked Emma.  She has an agenda - she wants to look at an ancient seventeenth century journal and try and reveal it's secrets.  To do so, she gives up her job at Cambridge University and takes one in a a smaller setting in Maine.

She attracts male attention but it is Matthew Lines that captures her attention.  A widow and surgeon, his gentleness is only of of his admirable qualities.  But Matt keeps secrets of his own, and he isn't ready to divulge them to Emma.  When a psychopath takes a more than passing interest in Emma, the stakes rise.

Taut, suspenseful with a splash of romance, complex and diverse characters, stellar writing and a plot that hooked me from page one, Mortal Fire is a fabulous read! Romantic Suspense fans won't want to miss this intriguing new series! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next one.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Kregel Book Tours.

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