Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maximum Brainpower: Challenging the Brain for Health and Wisdom by Shlomo Breznitz

We all understand the importance of daily exercise in keeping physically fit. But mental exercise is just as essential to our health and well-being—especially when it comes to defending against forgetfulness, memory loss, and even dementia. These and other age-associated afflictions were once regarded as all but inevitable, but in fact, as this eye-opening, inspiring book shows, there is much we can do to protect ourselves as we grow older. With the right tools, we can all maximize our brainpower and keep our minds sharp, healthy, and cognitively fit throughout life.  

First off, this isn't a self-help book.  Maximum Brainpower is about keeping our brains healthy as we age.  There are no brain teasers, puzzles or other challenges within these pages, but other pertinent information that I found enthralling.

Instead, Breznitz shares his years of research on why we should work our brains and how we can help it become stronger as we grow older.   Cognitive Reserve is a big issue tackled and it was really interesting to read.   If we can build up our cognitive reserve as we age, then some things will be easier when we are older - for example balance. 

 Through physical exercise, parts of the brain can strengthen, as well as alleviating stress and how we perceive things.   One thing I found interesting as well as the fact that by having a built up cognitive reserve, you can offset dementia and  Alzheimers's.

A really intriguing book laid out in a well-thought manner.  Easy to read and follow and one that I highly recommend reading! After all, your brain health is uber important! 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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