Friday, October 26, 2012

October Luv My Box Review - Adult Post

Luv My Box is a new discreet adult-themed subscription service.  Every month, you get a new themed box with an assortment of different items.  When I received my box, it was a nice black box and when I opened it, the first thing I saw was a do not disturb sign - Please Do Not Disturb - we're busy exploring our box! How cute and intimate.  I immediately knew then that I was going to love this service - it has just that extra something special to make it unique.

Nestled in tissue, October's box was definitely bath themed.  Bath and Bodyworks Foam Wash in Orange Ginger,  Bath Foam by Dona, A bath pouf, I Rub My duckie Massager, The Stuff that Cupid dips his arrow in,  and two Inttimo Aromatherapy Massage & Bath Oils.

How much more attention to detail can you get? They attached new batteries to the outside of the duckie package! That's convenience!

Shipping is INCLUDED with all subscription orders! You can choose to get a one month subscription service, you can get a three month subscription service and save five dollars or you can gift a box.  The gifting would be amazing to send to bride and grooms to be. 

There is also a gift option if you want to send a box to your secret crush or to a lover or friend.  If you love a specific item you get in your box, if it received rave reviews, you can can purchase the product separately on site.  

I really loved my box and the bath theme was perfect! A delightful surprise packed with care and with quality items.  I highly recommend them!

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