Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To the Grave by Carlene Thompson

As a psychologist, Catherine Gray understands the power of first love. As a woman, she still has feelings for her first crush, James—a handsome lawyer who was trapped in a bad marriage for years. Now that Catherine has returned to Aurora Falls, and James is divorced, they can finally build a life together. But then she stumbles onto his first love—his ex-wife Renée, missing for the past three years—murdered…

Catherine is stunned. How well does she really know James? What secret destroyed his marriage—and who killed his wife? When a mysterious fire destroys the crime scene, Catherine starts looking for answers. In a portrait for a masked woman, she sees Renée’s eyes looking back at her hauntingly. And when the next victim is revealed, it becomes terrifyingly clear that an obsessed killer is on the loose—and Catherine is next in line…

Catherine Gray is back in Aurora Falls after being away several years for school. As a psychologist, she’s gotten an office locally, but her patient roster is still on the light side. She has finally landed her teenage love though, James Eastman. He was married when Catherine had her crush on him, but he is no longer and they've been seeing one another for a while.
 When she and her sister Marissa journey to the old Eastman cottage so Catherine can show her the land for a potential house, something tragic happens. Catherine falls through some old wood and comes into contact with a body. It’s Renee Eastman, James’ first wife who disappeared several years ago. 
James reacts differently than Catherine would like him to, but she shrugs it off and continues her daily routine. She does add something to it though. She visits the local art gallery where it is said that a painting of Renee hangs. Even though the woman is wearing a mardi gras mask, Catherine knows it is Renee, a woman who was known for her loose ways. 
When two other people are found murdered, Catherine and James begin to wonder what’s really going on. Catherine begins to suspect James, until there is an attack on both of their lives. Who murdered Renee and now wants James’ new love dead? Why? 
TO THE GRAVE is a suspense driven story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are well portrayed and the plot twists and turns, leaving the reader guessing who is behind the volatile killings. Highly recommend to mystery thriller fans!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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