Friday, November 2, 2012

Cadaver Blues by J. E. Fishman

From Amazon - When smoking-hot Mindy Eider walks into the office with a foreclosure notice directed to her elderly Uncle Gunnar, cynical debt man Phuoc Goldberg at first sees her as little more than the source of this month’s rent payment. But Phu soon learns that Uncle Gunnar’s problems run deeper and darker than the money he owes. The niece can’t find him, suspicious characters lurk everywhere, and a sleazy bank has alarming designs on the old man’s little house.

Beguiled by Mindy’s beauty and innocence—not to mention her breasts—Phu gets sucked further into playing detective with each passing unpaid hour, venturing from a small town near Wilmington, Delaware, to the snow-choked Pocono Mountains to dank mushroom farms closer to home. Before long he’s seeking much more than debt relief for Mindy’s wayward uncle. To everyone’s surprise, the debt man won’t end this fiasco looking for cash relief, but for cadavers.

I had the pleasure of reading Fishman's last book, Primacy and really enjoyed.  I was excited to get a copy of Cadaver Blues, because if it's anywhere near as good as Primacy, I knew I was in for a treat.  But Fishman took a different path and this time, he wow'ed me.   

Mindy's Uncle Gunnar is missing and the debts are escalating.  When she confronts Phu Goldberg, trying to explain the situation, he likes what he sees, but not what he hears.  With a bit of convincing from Mindy, Phu helps Mindy try and locate her missing uncle, but the more they investigate, the more murkier things get to be.

Phu is an eccentric character who I instantly disliked when introduced to him.  A few chapters later, I loved him.  The character dynamics are wonderful, but it's the hi jinx and the troubles these two, Mindy and Phu, get to and through that held me captivated.  It's more complicated then just debt and as the plot twists, turns and spirals almost out of control, Fishman pulls it all back in and does it with class.  Humorous, wonderful and entertaining dialogue, engaging characters, fast-paced and exciting, I really enjoyed Cadaver Blues and would recommend it to my friends and family.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.

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