Saturday, November 3, 2012

Palmolive® Fresh Infusions™ Review

I've been a Palmolive girl for years.  I love the way the suds feel on my hands and I love the way my dishes are sparkling clean with minimal effort.  I admit it, in some ways I'm lazy and I want my cleaning products to do most of the work.  At the same time, I'm a busy girl and I don't want nasty, dry and cracked fingers from keeping them in water.  Though there are several different 'flavors' of Palmolive; for the past few years I've stuck with lavender.  I'm not a huge lavender fan, but in the Palmolive, it provides a soothing and relaxing scent for while I'm cleaning.  I have a bottle sitting on my counter that only has about an inch of it missing.  Sadly, that bottle will never be used again, unless the kids decide to do some crazy experiments with it.  

Palmolive has come out with some new scents that have completely captivated me!  These new scents are based more on natural smells.  It's the same great product, but with new packaging and smells.  The bottle is shaped more like that of a shampoo bottle instead of the bulky curve shape.  They're see-through other than a non-intrusive label on the front with the scent and a small picture.  The one I tested first is lemon thyme and I am in love!  It's not overpowering.  It's a calming blend of sweet citrus lemon and herbal thyme.  Same great product I've loved for years, with a smell I adore.  The other new scents include lime basil (next on my list to try) and ginger white tea.

If you're already a Palmolive person, you definitely want to give these new scents a try.  If you aren't, what have you got to lose?  In my opinion, Palmolive is by far the best buy in dish soaps currently on the market.  A little goes a long way and now you have even more to choose from!

Coupon for .50 off HERE so you can try it yourself!

*I received a sample for this review but all opinions are my own.  Shawn

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