Thursday, December 6, 2012

Say Anything Game Giveaway!

Holiday season is a fun time to play games! Whether it's just you and the family or if you're entertaining
 Say Anything from North Star Games is a great game to play to have some entertainment!

Really, this game will also help you get to know each other a lot better!!
Let me tell you how to play the game....
One person is the "Selector" each round. The Selector reads a question and everyone writes an answer. All answers must be different so, whoever displays first has that will just have to think of something else if you did not display your answer fast enough. :)
Then, the Selector will use the Select-O-Matic 5000, that would be the will looking thing, to pick which answer he/she agrees with the most. You don't let anyone see what you picked.
Next, everyone else uses their two tokens to put them on the answer(s) they think the Selector will pick. You don't have to put your tokens on your own answer and you can put them together or divide them.
Turn over the Select-O-Matic 5000! The Selector gets 1 point for each token placed on the answer she/he selected, up to a max of three. The other players get 1 point for each token they placed on the answer that was selected and the player who wrote the answer that was selected gets 1 bonus point.
Pass the Question Cards and the Select-O-Matic to the left and start the next round.
Say Anything is available at Target and Toys-r-Us.
For ages 13+ and you can have between 3 to 8 players.

One Lucky Reader will win a Say Anything Game

Hosted by: Baby Costcutters
Must be 18+ to enter this giveaway. Open only to the US. Ends
Dec 15, 2012 at midnight est. Good Luck!! Just use the form below to enter.
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