Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Bridegroom Wore Plaid by Grace Burrowes‏

From Goodreads - n an effort to preserve the family estate, Ian MacGregor, the Earl of Balfour, must marry for money. When a promising match emerges in the form of Genie Daniels, a rich English heiress, Ian begins devising a strategy to woo her. When he meets Genie's poor cousin Augusta, he discovers a new avenue to Genie's heart. But after spending time with Augusta and falling for her charms, Ian begins to question whether or not he's willing to forfeit his heart to save the family name...

This isn't your average romance..  I opened it up expecting to find the same old, same old. He has to get married and falls in love with the wrong girl and everything just magically works out because they fall in love and love conquers all.  Blah!  I apologize, but I get tired of reading the same story rehashed over and over.  Thankfully, this wasn't what I experienced.  Yes, he has to get married and falls in love with the wrong girl, etc.  You'll find more than romance though.  Scandal and violence are interwoven as well.  The writing style and adventure will suck you in right away and the fact that you honestly have no clue what will happen next is what will keep you reading.  

For me, the most fascinating facet of this book was the intense character study.  There are two families of characters and each of them is in a different place in life and just trying their best to cope.  Each has his own burdens to carry and we're treated to a glimpse of what they're thinking deep inside their heads and hearts as they do their best to decipher the best way to proceed with a solution.  Even the characters you despise in the book are endearing and realistic.  It's difficult to pick this up and read it without being able to identify closely with one or more of the characters.  That, in itself, is an amazing feat considering the differences in the time and placement of the book and the present.  

Over all, I'd say this book is a complete success.  If you're looking for a light romance or something a little more substantial, The Bridegroom Wore Plaid has what you're looking for.  If nothing else, it's worth a read to share the secrets of these wonderful characters.  You might even learn a little something about yourself in the process.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Shawn

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