Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Romeo Spikes by Joanne Reay

Working the Homicide squad, Alexis Bianco believes she’s seen every way a life can be taken. Then she meets the mysterious Lola and finds out she’s wrong. More weapon than woman, Lola pursues a predator with a method of murder like no other.

The Tormenta.

If you think you’ve never encountered Tormenta, think again. You’re friends with one. Have worked for one. Maybe even fallen in love with one.

They walk amongst us—looking like us, talking like us. Coercing our subconscious with their actions.

Like the long-legged beauty that seduces the goofy geek only to break his heart, causing him to break his own neck in a noose. Or the rockstar, whose every song celebrates self-harm, inspiring his devoted fans to press knives to their own throats. The pusher who urges the addict toward one more hit, bringing him a high from which he’ll never come down. The tyrannical boss, crushing an assistant’s spirit until a bridge jump brings her low.

We call it a suicide. Tormenta call it a score, their demonic powers allowing them to siphon off the unspent lifespan of those who harm themselves. 

To Bianco, being a cop is about right and wrong. Working with Lola is about this world and the next...and maybe the one after that. Because everything is about to change. The coming of a mighty Tormenta is prophesied, a dark messiah known as the Mosca. 

To stop him, Bianco and Lola must fight their way through a cryptic web of secret societies and powerful legends to crack an ancient code that holds the only answer to the Mosca’s defeat. If this miscreant rises before they can unmask him, darkness will reign, and mankind will fall in a storm of suicides.

Nobody’s safe. Everyone’s a threat.

Lola is relentless in her pursuit of predators. But not just any predator, only the Tormenta. The Tormenta are demon-like creatures who use their powers to persuade people to commit suicide. In doing so, they can absorb their unused lifespan. Lola will use any means necessary to take out her opponent. She's more deadly weapon than human.

Homicide Detective Alexis Bianco has a quandary. In her latest homicide, the bones of a twenty-two year old girl are being categorized as that of a being over four hundred years old by the medical examiner. Alexis knows something weird is going on, so she investigates further. In turn on her investigation, she meets Lola. Lola doesn't take time to introduce herself before Alexis finds herself in a chokehold. But, after a brief exchange, Lola introduces Alexis to what the Tormenta are.

Also, in Morphic Fields Penitentiary, the inmates on death row consistently commit suicide and have for over thirty-five years. Psychiatrist Annie Torgus wants to share her story now that she has been disgraced. She believes that Dr. Angus Day has something otherworldly going on with him that may be connected to all of the suicides. Dr. Day has Gershwin disease and spends most of his waking hours scribbling down all the horrific visions he has. But now it's been rumored that something darker than the Tormenta is coming.

A dark, paranormal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. ROMEO SPIKES is filled with adrenaline-pumping action, clever and unique characters, all set in a creepy, spine-tingling setting. A very unique plotline that twists and turns until the characters mesh together to complete the puzzle. Highly recommend!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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