Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Seventh Victim by Mary Burton

It’s been seven years since the Seattle Strangler terrorized the city. His victims were all young, pretty, their lifeless bodies found wrapped in a home-sewn white dress. But there was one who miraculously escaped death, just before the Strangler disappeared…

Lara Church has only hazy memories of her long-ago attack. What she does have is a home in Austin, a job, and a chance at a normal life at last. Then Texas Ranger James Beck arrives on her doorstep with shattering news: The Strangler is back. And this time, he’s in Austin…

He’s always craved her, even as he killed the others. For so long he’s been waiting to unleash the beast within. And this time, he’ll prove he holds her life in his hands—right before he ends it forever..

Mary Burton is one of my favorite thriller writers.  I was so excited to get my hands on her newest book, The Seventh Victim and it did not disappoint!  From the first page, I felt compelled to keep to turning the pages.  Lara Church just can't escape the horrors of what happened to her seven years ago and she can't escape the police hounding her to try to remember.  She can only remember small tidbits and just wants to move on and have a normal life.

She tries to do that in Austin, Texas until Texas Ranger James Beck bothers her.  He is confident that the Strangler has returned and may be coming back to finish what he started seven years ago with Lara.  He implores Lara to remember more so he can help find this killer before he kills again.  But can he protect her from this psychopath before it's too late?

Gripping, masterful and chilling, The Seventh Victim is sure to be a best-seller for Burton.  With her signature writing, creating memorable characters and surprise twists, The Seventh Victim holds nothing back.  I was up late burning the midnight oil, relentless in my pursuit of finding how it all turned out.  If you enjoy thrilling suspense, you won't want to miss this one! Highly recommend!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed THE SEVENTH VICTIM! Thanks for your kind words!


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