Saturday, February 16, 2013

Look Twice by M. Garzon

The eagerly anticipated sequel to 'Blaze of Glory' - soon to be a major new television series!

Blood is thicker than water.
I didn’t understand that expression when I was a kid. I only knew that I was closer to my brother Seth than to anyone else in the world. He was the calm to my storm, the light to my dark. We were tied to the rest of our complicated family by bonds beyond blood—love, loyalty, convenience—but as it turns out, the pull of blood is strong. Maybe even strong enough to tear me away from the person with whom I shared my very first breath.

 I thoroughly enjoyed Garzon's first book, Blaze of Glory. So, I was excited to continue the story with Look Twice.   Tea and Seth are twins and Jaden and Tea are in love.  Unfortunately, Tea and Jaden have been raised as cousins, so the family is having a really hard time accepting their relationship.    In Look Twice, they are still trying to find their way, get their families to accept them, and face every other hurdle set before them.

Seth has decided he would like to find his biological father.  Even though he and Tea talk about their adoptive family and how much they both love one another, it's something that Seth feels he has to do.  Getting his adoptive family to understand, though, is another story.  

Steeped in family issues, relationships and drama, Look Twice is a great continuence of the series.  The characters have really blossomed from the first book and the maturity shows in their relationships, their thoughts and their decisions. Garzon has a knack for writing vivid scenes and I look forward to seeing it in once it's on television.  I also look forward to seeing more of the cast of characters in another installment.  If you enjoy reading a strong story with great family dynamics and memorable characters, pick up this series!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my own opinion.

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