Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Killer Emotions: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You by Ken Lindner

Have you at one time or another let your feelings of hurt, anger, disappointment, rejection, rage, betrayal, insecurity, or hopelessness cloud your best judgment? Did you make disappointing, self-sabotaging life choices as a result? If the answer is “Yes, many times,” then this book is for you.Emotions can kill your ability to accomplish your plans, fulfill your dreams, and attain the life you so dearly desire.Think of Your Killer Emotions as your emotion-mastery kit, to be used in consistently making positive life choices; it will enable you to beneficially channel the supremely potent energy charges triggered by your potentially sabotaging emotions, impulses, and urges, thereby turning them into your allies. Ken Lindner, “The Life-Choice Coach,” has counseled thousands of individuals over the past thirty years to make great, life-enhancing decisions. In Your Killer Emotions, he will show you how to identify your Personal Emotional Triggers (PETS), and empower you to nullify the energy charges from potentially sabotaging emotions. You will be able to think and reason clearly—destructive-emotion-free—so that you make life choices that reflect your most highly-valued life goals.Your Killer Emotions will change the way you make your life choices—and your life —in the most positive ways!

I have to admit it.  Sometimes I let my emotions mar my judgement and make decisions that I otherwise wouldn't have.  I've used emotions to achieve what I wanted in an abstract way and then felt guilty afterwords.  Really, it's a viscous cycle.  As I've grown older, I've realized those things about me and have done my best to sit back and take stock of the situation or to count to ten to get off of the emotion roller coaster   There is always room for improvement.

Your Killer Emotions is a very useful tool to help master getting off of the emotion roller coaster and helping you succeed in various aspects of your life.  Well-thought out with easy to understand writing, Lindner's seven steps not only help your emotions, but also your impulses and urges.  I'm still a work in progress, but I've definitely seen improvement, not only in my own mental well being, but also in my life and those in it.  I'd definitely recommend this self-help book to anyone wanting to improve themselves and their lives - take control of your emotions!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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