Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity and Confidence by Balasa Prasad and Preetham Grandhi

What do we all have in common? Stress. Can’t make ends meet? Stress. Addicted to unhealthy habits? Stress. Are you feeling trapped? Stress. Stress is the principal nemesis of human beings and an equal opportunity tormentor. It dampens your spirit and distracts you from reaching your goals. Ongoing globalization, rapid technological advances and a fragile worldwide economy have raised stress levels to a new high. Everyone feels stressed.

Tired of managing stress? Don’t manage it, Conquer it! Use 3 bold steps Courage, Clarity and Confidence to conquer stress and take charge of your destiny. Use ‘The Turning Point” to guide you step by step with real life examples. You will identify the source of stress and neutralize it forever. People usually look at stress from their own and the world’s perspective, and therefore cannot grasp the dynamics of stress. This book introduces a new, ground breaking concept; Naturization. Naturization is the missing link in the fight against stress. Naturization provides a third perspective, nature’s perspective, a key and an essential tool to conquering stress.

Stress? Oh yes, I have that.  In fact, loads of it.  So when if there's a few pointers out there to help me alleviate some, I'm on it.  I've read a book by Preetham Grandhi before, but it was non-fiction, not a self-help book.  That book, though, used some of his personal work as a foundation for the story.  So I knew that he would know what he was talking about and looked forward to some insight.

I wasn't disappointed.  With three main steps, Courage, Clarity and Confidence, and some other pointers on how to identify the stress, you can help alleviate some stress in your life - personal or work!  There are several real examples to show you how it works and it was very easy to read and follow along.  No big words that I had to go searching out the meaning for - which is always a deterrent when you're reading.  Definitely a must read for anyone wanting to get some clarity with the stress in their life and for those who enjoy reading self-help books.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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