Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Genie Ignites by Kellyann Zuzulo

Enter a captivating world where a genie dares to love a human and will let nothing come between them. This paranormal romance from award-winning author Kellyann Zuzulo combines the modern world with the mystery and intrigue of the world of the jinn. 

Zubis is a jinni born of flame. Feared and outcast, ferocious and vengeful, he has loved only once. In the time of Solomon, one woman tamed him. He has never forgotten her. Bethany O'Brien is that woman, reborn as a smart and somewhat sassy journalist. She never imagined that her dreams of hot encounters with the imposing and gorgeous Zubis are actually memories from her past. Once she meets him again, however, she doesn't need convincing that they belong together. She will travel across three continents to a world of magic and treachery, of seduction and devotion to break the curse that keeps them apart.

The Genie Ignites is a splendid paranormal romance with intrigue, romance and many historical  attributes.  Zubis has been waiting for his soul mate to be reborn for three thousand years.  He needs her at his side and will wait eternity if he has to.  But she has arrived and she doesn't remember who she was.

Bethany is a journalist beseeched with dreams with a beautiful genie. When she travels to Saudi Arabia, she is stunned when she meets the man from her dreams in the flesh.  Their connection won't be ignored, but something sinister is brewing.  A political war between the djinn and the humans has led to something all powerful that could end the worlds as they know it.  Zubis and Beth could lose one another again, just as they found one another.  They will fight for everything they have and will be or die trying.

Filled with exotic locale, memorable characters, a well-built world and wonderful dialogue, The Genie Ignites is a stellar first book in a series.  Paranormal romance fans won't want to miss this one - it has key elements of a best seller and will leave the reader begging for the next one.  Highly recommend!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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