Friday, June 28, 2013

Sniper Elite: One-Way Trip: A Novel by Scott McEwen

The President of the United States can’t decide how to respond to a classified video showing the Taliban’s brutal treatment of their captive—a female helicopter pilot of the Army’s elite Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Afraid that a botched rescue will further destabilize foreign policy and end his presidency, the Commander-in-Chief falters. But when the Special Ops community learns that one of their own is being tortured and will almost certainly be killed, no executive order will stop them from attempting a rescue mission.

In direct defiance of the President’s orders, Navy SEAL sniper Gil Shannon launches an audacious mission with the support of elite soldiers and an enigmatic government figure, to infiltrate the tribal faction holding the captured pilot. A pulse-pounding battle ensues, pitching the entire force of the Taliban against the fearless and heroic American sniper.

Scott McEwen’s book turned out to be surprisingly very entertaining. The action is so fast paced that it felt like I had read a shorter book. My hope is that women will not let the title scare them away from picking this book. The story is actually an easy read once you get past all the military “speak”. Because even with all the acronyms and military lingo, the story is easy to follow.

McEwen strikes a nice balance between military lingo (names of weapons and acronyms) and the story of one man’s mission to save a captured comrade. I took a chance as this is not the type of book I normally read but having read this one, I am definitely open to reading more of McEwen’s books. 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Roberta

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