Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray

In this emotionally charged and inspiring novel, a passionate and dangerous love affair threatens to destroy both a marriage and a friendship.

When Miriam’s fireman husband, Chauncey, dies in a school fire, Miriam feels like her life is over. How is she going to raise her three children all by herself? How will she survive without the love of her life? Luckily, Miriam’s sister-friend Emily—and Emily’s husband, Jamal—are there to comfort her. As Chauncey’s best friend, Jamal is happy to step in and help Miriam with the funeral and her children, and he gives her hope that she has a future. But all the time that they spend together—grieving, sharing, and reminiscing—brings the two closer in ways they never planned, and they soon find themselves in the middle of a heated affair.

Lost in the fog of grief and lust, neither is even sure if their passionate affair is real. While Jamal is filled with guilt, sure that this new relationship is all about loss, Miriam believes that she is in love. But then, Emily finds out, and Emily and Jamal have to deal with this woman scorned—and her hunger for revenge. In this tangle of love, longing, and loyalty, can any of the relationships survive?

 Upon reading what this book was supposed to be about, I wasn't sure whether or not I would like the story or not. Once I read halfway through the story I found I was really into the story. I loved the characters and how the two main women characters were able to become friends and how one was trying to help the other through a major tragedy.

 As I got a little farther into the book I was shocked to figure out what the plot of the story really was. I had already felt like I was in the story as a bystander, but once I found out what the plot was I felt more like a character in the story instead of just a bystander; I felt like I was a friend who was privy to some juicy gossip that only certain people knew about. 

By the time I got done with the book I was really into the story and I was a little disappointed that it had to end. I felt like I was a close friend of the main characters and I had to say goodbye to them by the end of the book. I think author is a wonderful writer and I would read any of her books. I think any reader would enjoy this story; I give this book an “A.”

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Tiffany

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