Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Promise by C.E. Wilson

What does it mean to be a human?

Lily Larkin is about to find out when on what should have been a day of great happiness, she is diagnosed with a rare and unbelievable disease. She is shrinking, possibly without limit.

As her life starts to spin out of control and the world starts to grow around her at an uncontrollable rate she is forced to confront her greatest fear - losing the man whom she loved from the moment she saw him. Can they stay together even though she feels her humanity slipping away? Can she trust him with her secret and, as her disease progresses, her safety and even her life? Can she trust herself?

A bittersweet story of love and loss, The Promise is a YA
Paranormal Fantasy that will have you questioning the meaning of your own humanity and the weighing of trust against love.

The Promise is a love story but it's also a story about the unwavering relationship between Lily and Erik.  They meet at work.  They both work at the same restaurant and Lily thinks Erik is attractive.  She starts switching her shifts to coincide with his and before long, Erik takes notice... of Lily.

Lily was sent off to a foster home at age eleven.  She then spent years in and out of good and bad foster homes until she was eighteen.  She grew her hair out into dreads, picked up smoking and is covered in tattoos.  She is older now and covers her tattoos for work and wears her hair up, but Erik falls in love with the real Lily.

They get married and are very happy until Lily gets sick.  She has a rare disease that causes her body to shrink - once almost six feet and now just over four feet, Lily and Erik don't know what to do.  Erik vows to love her for eternity and wants to help Lily with everyday things until they figure out how to cure her, but Lily feels like she is losing her humanity.

A beautifully written love story with two relatable and compelling characters that will intrigue you from the first page.  The ending was a tad unexpected but Lily and Erik's story will remain with you long after you finish this fantastic read.  Highly recommend!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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