Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Accidents Happen: A Novel by Louise Millar

Kate Parker has weathered unimaginable horrors—her parents died in a traffic accident on her wedding night, and her husband, Hugo, was murdered in a tragic break-in gone wrong. All she has left is her young son, Jack, and determined to make a better future for him, she attempts to pull her life back together. But are she and her son safe?

First off, I must say that this book was a really wonderful story to read. From the very first sentence to the last one I really enjoyed the story. I saw a lot of other author’s mention that this book was a wonderful “psychological thriller”, but I thought the story was more of a suspense read than a thriller. 

I felt like I was in the main character’s (Kate Parker) shoes and like I was going through everything she was. I felt like I had to protect my child and that I had to run from those who were after me. When I would get done with a chapter and put the book down for a little bit; I felt like it would take me between one to two hours to get back to feeling like myself. 

I really like the way Louise Millar writes her stories; I love how she is able to draw the reader into the story from the first sentence and she is able to keep the reader’s attention throughout the entire story. I think this author will put out more wonderful stories in the future. This book would be a really great read for anyone especially those who love suspenseful books. I give this book and author an “A+.”

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  Tiffany

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