Thursday, September 12, 2013

Children's Book: Have You Seen My Shoe? by Sarit Gilor

Jason woke up in the morning with excitement. Today was his first day in kindergarten. He waited a long time for this day and it finally arrived. He took off his pajamas and started to dress: he put on his shirt, put on his pants, put on the right shoe and… Wait a minute! Where did the other shoe go?

He looked for the shoe all over the room: under the bed, behind the curtain, on the bookshelf and even inside the cat's basket ... but he couldn't find it anywhere.

As he didn't want to be late to kindergarten, he decided to go look for it outside ... Who knows where this shoe could be..

Have You Seen My Shoe? is another adorable children's book by Sarit Gilor.  Jason is so excited about his first day of kindergarten but when he gets himself dressed, he realizes he is missing one of his shoes!  So, Jason goes to look for it, only when he doesn't find it in his house, he looks in various places in town.

He finds his shoe in the most unexpected place, yet there are many fun moments for the little ones in these pages.  Jason will take your child with them on his journey of looking for his shoe, and also spread the message that it's important to keep track of your belongings.  Enjoyable read that would be great as a bedtime story since it's only fourteen pages.   Delightful!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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