Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Genie Smolders by Kellyann Zuzulo

Feel the heat of a long-awaited reunion.

Zubis. A jinni. A creature of fire. A lover who touched her body and soul like no man ever could. He swore to love her forever. When their enemies closed in, they were torn apart. The only token of their love was the child she carried and a broken heart. To be a family, Bethany is determined to find Zubis again. But there are forces at work that condemn the very existence of their baby daughter, Fia. She will never be safe without her father's ferocious power to protect her and the ancient magic of a mother's prayer. When Fia is taken, Zubis and Bethany are reunited in a storm of heady desire and deadly intrigue. Together, they reignite a smoldering love that has the power to set two worlds on fire.

The Genie Smolders picks up about two years after The Genie Ignites (Book One) leaves off.  Bethany and Zubis are estranged, Bethany not knowing if Zubis is alive or if her gamble paid off.  Having given birth to her and Zubis's child, Fia, she is more determined than ever to find Zubis and sets off to do so.

There are forces awakening though, as Bethany travels to the Middle East.  Imtiri is awakened and will do whatever it takes to secure the rightful place of the Jinn.  Imtiri killed Bethany when she was in her incarnated Lina  (see The Genie Ignites).  She's also determined to kill Bethany for good, as she's a threat to her life.

When Bethany finds Zubis, their passion for one another sets the pages aflame.  But, doubts begin to rear their ugly head in Bethany's mind, wondering if Zubis will go back to Jinnistan, knowing humans aren't allowed to travel there.  She also knows that Fia needs her father's protection from those that wish them harm.  As Bethany and Zubis fight for survival against those that will them harm, the plot thickens.

With a supernatural twist, compelling characters, with some new ones introduced and others brought back from (The Genie Ignites), The Genie Smolders is an exciting addition to the series.  The world-building is top-notch, the romance sizzles and the writing keen, making this book almost impossible to put down.  If you like reading paranormal romance or have a thing for genies, you'll want to pick up this series.  It's soo good! Make sure you start with the first book, The Genie Ignites!

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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